Middle school program, private boarding and day school

Preparing for Swiss and International High Schools


11 to 15 years

Diplomas and certifications

French National Brevet
Admission to Swiss maturity & I.B programs
Language certifications (DELF, Cambridge, DaF)


Boarding school (5 or 7 days)
Day school

To educate and nurture every child

Middle school academic goals at Chantemerle

The middle school years at Chantemerle are an exciting time as students become increasingly independent with their studies and begin to take more responsibility for their learning.

Our major goal for middle school at Chantemerle is to encourage students to become increasingly self-directing, moving from dependent pupils to motivated and autonomous lifelong learners.

In middle school, students at Chantemerle prepare for the national Diplôme National du Brevet as well as for admission into Swiss Gymnases. They are also encouraged to prepare and sit official language certifications in French (DELF), English (Cambridge) and German (Goethe).

An internationally recognized program

The program follows the French Education guidelines and is organized around seven key competences:

  • Ability to think mathematically
  • Command of the French language
  • Proficiency in English and German
  • Ability to reason scientifically
  • Learn how to learn efficiently and in autonomy
  • Understand IT and algorithm-based programming
  • Develop a humanist culture and solid civic skills

Chantemerle prepares for the French National Brevet, the admission exams in Swiss Gymnases as well as official language certifications.

Learning and success for all

As teachers, we are faced with the inevitable challenge of dividing time, resources, and ourselves to maximize the learning process for everyone in the class.

Anxious to meet the needs of high performing students, Chantemerle School offers Advanced Preparation Programs in Mathematics, French, German as well as in Economics / Law. This Advanced Preparation Program offers students in Chantemerle an additional challenge and a stronger basis for future university studies and careers.

Similarly, students with learning differences benefit from our contained class sizes (12 max) and personalized coaching.

Weekly time table middle school 2017/2018

13h30-14h20History / GeographySciences & technologySciences & technologyHistory / GeographyArts
14h25-15h15ArtsHistory / GeographyCitizenshipSciences & technologyMusic / choir
15h35-16H30TutoringTutoringSports, arts, cultural visitsTutoringMusic / choir
15h50-16H30Sports, arts, private tuitionsSports, arts, private tuitionsSports, arts, cultural visitsSports, arts, private tuitionsAfter class activities
16h30-19H30Sports, arts, private tuitionsSports, arts, private tuitionsSports, arts, private tuitionsSports, arts, private tuitionsWeek-end