Swiss Federal Matura

A direct access to Swiss and International universities

At age 15, after completing their compulsory schooling at Chantemerle, the students can choose between vocational training or continue in high school and prepare for the Swiss Matura.

Chantemerle prepares students for the Federal Matura, a prestigious Swiss diploma taught in French and well recognized in Switzerland and around the world. The Swiss Federal Matura offers a generalist and transversal approach to the subjects taught. A thesis on a chosen theme (Travail de Maturité) completes the preparation. It will be presented orally and defended before an external jury and is close to university expectations.

The Swiss Matura allows automatic access to all Swiss universities and engineering schools (EPFL and ETH). Understanding the differences between Swiss Maturity and IB diploma. The Swiss Matura is also well recognized in US universities (admission in US universities).

Optional : French Baccalaureate in Mathematics and Physics: Students willing to specialise in Mathematics (6-9 hours per week) and Physics (6 hours per week) may choose the French Baccalaureate option from the 2nd year of the core programme.

Specific features


About 30 students are following our Matura programme in a pleasant, modern and bright study environment. Our high school campus is located less than 10 minutes’ walk from Vevey station. 


We offer our students a comprehensive Matura preparation involving weekly formative assessments based on past papers. This approach provides students with the vital practice they need to succeed in the final exams.


The students aiming at on of the major Swiss engineering schools (EPFL, ETH) are encouraged to follow a reinforced Matura programme in mathematics and physics.

As an option, we also offer the possibility of preparing for the French Baccalaureate with a focus on maths/physics on year 2 of the core curriculum.


Our personalised coaching approach is designed to help students with becoming efficient and autonomous students. With small classe sizes and modern teaching methods, our Matura programme is tailored to each student’s strengths and personal, social and academic plans.


Our program provide young athletes with flexible timetables so that they can meet the demands of their intensive training schedules without foregoing their education. At the moment we have elite athlete-students in tennis, ice-hockey, football, horse riding and basketball. 


On request, boarding accommodation is available at Chantemerle School, Blonay. An exceptional team of dedicated and experienced educators ensure the safety and individual attention of each child in a warm and structured environment with a family atmosphere.