Our academic programmes

Swiss and international pathways

From primary school to the last year of high school, Chantemerle proposes an official programme in French as well as an international programme in English. Our Swiss pathway prepares for the the Swiss Federal Matura and is complementary to the Swiss public system.

Our international programme prepares for the official Cambridge IGCSE and the A Level qualifications.  

study plan

Our approach to learning

⇒ Foundation

At Chantemerle, our priority is to build a solid foundation of basic knowledge and practical skills.

⇒ Personalized attention

Small class sizes and inspiring and highly qualified teachers ensure that every student gets the most out of their time at Chantemerle

⇒ Passion for learning

We believe that learning can be fun and that every student can experience success if they find meaning in what they are doing and what they want to accomplish.

⇒ Autonomy and self confidence

At Chantemerle, we teach our student to take responsibility for their own learning, in the classrooom and during their personal study time.