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Private school since 1966

Achieving personal and academic success

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A personalized family


Located in the middle of nature in Blonay, close to Montreux and Geneva, Chantemerle offers a healthy and nurturing environment where students are happy to come to study and grow.

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The passion for learning

We believe that every child has the potential to be an inspired and passionate learner providing they evolve in a caring and rigorous environment, where they are active in their learning and encouraged in their progress. 


Developing responsible and autonomous learners

Our teaching approach is structured around a rigorous framework of simple and clearly defined methods and rituals. The student develops autonomy and self-confidence.

Welcome to Chantemerle


Founded in 1966 by Mathilde and Jean Wegmüller, Chantemerle is a private boarding school located in Blonay (Canton de Vaud). Chantemerle welcomes Swiss and International students starting at ages 6 for school year programs, study abroad programs and educational summer or winter camps. With a maximum capacity of 65 boarders and day students, our school is renowned for the quality of its teaching and its personalized family atmosphere. Beautifully located in the heart of nature, close to Geneva, Montreux and Lausanne, Chantemerle offers a healthy, safe and structured learning environment.

Our goal is to help each student reach his or her potential through personal and academic success. Grounded in tradition and family values, our educational approach aims to instil a sense of effort, and a passion for learning in a rigorous, healthy, and caring environment.

In a rapidly changing world, it is important to focus not only on academic knowledge but also on social, emotional and practical skills. These skills are an integral part of Chantemerle’s school curriculum and are developed through sports, outdoor activities, art and community projects.

We are aware that choosing the right school for your child is an important decision. Mr. Yann Wegmüller, Program Director (+41 79 393 8767), is available for a first discussion or a visit of Chantemerle.

The Wegmüller family with the Chantemerle team (January 2023)

From primary to high school

Chantemerle offers an official program in French from primary school to the Swiss Federal Matura diploma. Complementary to the public system, we also prepare our students for joining a vocational school or for the admission to public high schools. The positive results obtained year after year in national and cantonal exams demonstrate the quality of our teaching.

Accredited by the Cambridge International Examination Board, Chantemerle also offers an international program in English and prepares students for the IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) and the A-Levels.

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An effective and structured approach

Our approach takes a positive view of each student, a view of success for all. It is based on the idea that everyone can succeed providing they evolve in a caring and rigorous learning environment, where they are happy to learn and encouraged in their progress. 


We want all our students to become confident adults, able to understand and respect the world in which they live. Together with them, we build a solid foundation of knowledge and practical skills for life.


At Chantemerle, a special place is given to language learning. French is our main language, English and German are taught intensively from the first years of primary school. Proficiency in English can be achieved in our international English-speaking programs (IGCSE and A-levels).


In our classrooms and on activity, we strive to develop our students’ critical thinking skills by teaching them to ask questions, analyse the information and make the best possible decisions when faced with complex problems.


“Anything worth doing is worth doing well”. Chantemerle encourages passion and purpose in everything students do. We create an atmosphere for children to always do their best.


Through simple and clearly defined rituals, combined with regular and systematic formative evaluations, our students learn to become autonomous in their studies. Learning then becomes efficient, the student becomes confident and progresses independently.


Creativity cannot be learned by formulas or rules. In the classroom, in nature activities or in sports, we stimulate the creativity of our students by teaching them to think differently, to dare to make mistakes and to learn from them.

A healthy and balanced environment to study and grow