Official language certifications DELF, Cambridge and Goethe

A diploma for life

Summer camp 2018

From July 1st to August 12th 2018. Intensive French, English and German courses. Science & Entrepreneurship camp, Soccer and basketball camps. Sports, arts and cultural activities, excursions and visits, Europa-park.

Winter language camps

2-week to 6 -week stays from September to June. Intensive French or English courses. Science & Entrepreneurship camp. Ski camp with the Swiss Ski School. Sports, arts and cultural excursions.

Full French Immersion with DELF

3 to 10-month stays from September to June. Preparation for the DELF diplomas and validation of a complete school year in French. Access to Swiss Federal Maturity and I. B diploma programs.


6 to 18 years

Exams & certifications

DELF certifications (A1 to C1) Cambridge certifications up to FC Goethe Institut certifications


French immersion: from September to June Summer camp 2018: from July 1st to August 5th

All inclusive fees*

1 to 4 weeks: CHF 1’500.- / week 5 to 8 weeks:CHF 1’350.- / week > 8-weeks: CHF 1’200.- / week *Full board, courses and material, transfers, all activities

Language camps at Chantemerle boarding school

French immersion program

The program has been designed for foreign students (local expats, foreign students, study abroad students) who want to improve their French and experience life in a French-speaking boarding school. Learning French in a Swiss school is actually a very good idea:

  • Switzerland’s cultural variety, beautiful landscape, and safe environment offer first-class surroundings for both personal well-being and academic success. In Lausanne you will find top class universities, engineering schools as well as hotel schools.
  • French is the second most used language in Switzerland, and is the predominant language spoken in “Romandie”, the west part of Switzerland where Chantemerle is located. French language (level B2) is therefore a prerequisite to enter Swiss universities.

Students can enroll for short and long stays, from 2 weeks up to 10-months between September and June. Long-term students (up to 10 months) are encouraged to prepare and sit the DELF examination. They are also invited to attend classes in Maths, Science, History and Arts that are taught in French as well as our English classes. That means they return back home with a second language, a study abroad experience and a full validated academic year. Long term permission is usually granted from the student’s main school, as time abroad and additional foreign languages are highly esteemed by universities, and add value to a student’s future college applications. After one year of French Immersion, long-term students can continue their studies at Chantemerle and prepare for the Swiss maturity or a bilingual International Baccalaureate (IB). The Chantemerle private school in Blonay (Canton of Vaud) promotes integration and cultural exchange with the local culture and language. In this way, we allow our young people to meet with the local French-speaking youth to practice in common sport and artistic activities that take place in our premises or in public spaces in Blonay and Vevey.

Language camps in autumn, winter and summer

Chantemerle private school in Blonay welcomes students and groups of students for intensive language courses (French, English) during the academic year between September and June, as well as during the summer months. Language learning at Chantemerle is both traditional and practical. it is traditional because we pay special attention to grammar and vocabulary learning. The learning approach is also practical and meets the personal needs and the natural interests of the student through natural and engaging activities (music, theater, role plays in real situations and projects). The purpose of our approach is to be able to communicate effectively and correctly in the language studied while maintaining a high level of motivation

Official certifications, a diploma for life

Since 1966, our school prepares on request official certifications in French (DELF), English (Cambridge) and German (Goethe).

After class activities

Many sporting, artistic and cultural activities take place after the class. All students are invited to choose between 2 or 3 activities in Chantemerle or outdoors. Many sports, creative workshops and games are offered in the afternoons, evenings and weekends. During the ski season, between January and March, Chantemerle proposes a full Ski Package with teachers from the Swiss Ski Schools with clothes and material rentals.