Private elementary school in Switzerland

Setting the foundation for a lifetime of learning


Elementary section I (ages 5 to 7 )

Elementary section II (ages 8 to 10)

Diplomas and certifications

National evaluations
Language certifications (Cambridge, DELF, Goethe)


Boarding (5 or 7 days)
Day school

At Chantemerle, we aim to educate and nurture every child, ensuring they acquire the knowledge, life skills and attitudes to fulfill their potential and be successful in the future.

Our vision for our young students has remain the same since the creation of the school in 1966:

  • to be creative, energetic, and enterprising
  • to seize the opportunities offered by new knowledge and technologies
  • to develop the values and competencies necessary to live full and satisfying lives
  • to be confident, connected lifelong learners
  • to learn to live together in harmony and respect

Chantemerle school follows the French National Education Guidelines, a rigorous and comprehensive curriculum that is recognized internationally.

The Common Core of Knowledge, Skills, and Culture gathers the knowledge, skills and values necessary for a student to be successful in its academic and personal life, e.g. ability to think mathematically and to reason scientifically, command of the French language as well as proficiency in English and German, ability to study efficiently and in autonomy, mastering information technology and communication skills while developing a humanist culture.

All teachers at Chantemerle are trained in the “School of Essential Knowledge” approach.  

This very explicit approach gives teachers in elementary and middle school the tools necessary to make all their pupils succeed. 

Four principles define this approach:

  • Reassure the student and make learning relevant
  • Respect individual learning differences 
  • Make sure that everyone in the class has understood before moving on
  • Teach the student methods to become autonomous and efficient learners

Weekly time table primary school 2017/2018

08h00-08h30Welcome ritualsWelcome ritualsWelcome ritualsWelcome ritualsWelcome rituals
11h10-12h00History of artsSciencesMethodologyHistoryGeography
15h10-15H50SciencesVisual artsSports, arts, private tuitionsFitness / Self defenceMusic
15h50-16H30TutoringTutoringSports, arts, private tuitionsTutoringSports, arts, private tuitions
16h30-19H30Sports, arts, private tuitionsSports, arts, private tuitionsSports, arts, private tuitionsSports, arts, private tuitionsSports, arts, private tuitions