Education at Chantemerle private school : what benefits for your child ?

Education is not the filling of a bucket, but the lighting of a fire. Montaigne, French philosopher (1533-1592).

Positive and personalized education is at the core of Chantemerle’s philosophy since its creation in 1966 by founders Mathilde and Jean Wegmüller.

Our aim is to educate and nurture every child, ensuring they acquire the knowledge, life skills and attitudes to fulfill their potential and be successful in the future.

Our core values:

  • Encouraging a positive attitude towards life
  • Developing self-confidence, responsibility and autonomy
  • Recognizing individual learning differences in a spirit of success for all
  • Developing a sense of meaning and moral purpose in life
  • Promoting healthy living and appreciation of nature

An innovative and efficient teaching approach

All teachers at Chantemerle are trained in the “School of Essential Knowledge” approach.  

This very explicit approach gives teachers in elementary and middle school the tools necessary to make all their pupils succeed.  Four principles define this approach:

  • Reassure the student and make learning relevant
  • Respect individual learning differences
  • Make sure that everyone in the class has understood before moving on
  • Teach the student methods to become autonomous and efficient learners

Chantemerle follows the French National Education guidelines, with Advanced Programs in mathematics, French, English and German in order to better meet the requirements of the Swiss maturite and the IB diploma.

Since 1966, Chantemerle prepares successfully its students for the French “Brevet des College” Diploma, admission exams in Swiss public high schools (Gymnase), and for Official Certifications in Learning French (DELF), English (Cambridge) and German (Goethe) languages.

A warm and healthy learning environment in nature

Boarding or day school ?

Chantemerle offers 5-day or 7-day boarding facilities. Boarding students study, eat and sleep at Chantemerle under permanent supervision. The choice of boarding can be motivated by various reasons (geographical or family reasons), as well as to benefit from Chantemerle personalized family environment in nature. 7-day boarders, often too far away to go home, often stay at Chantemerle on weekends, and during October and February school breaks.

About 20% of our students are day school students from Lausanne, Montreux or Vevey. Day school students have flexible arrival/departure times (from 07h50 to 19h00). Located 700 meters from the village of Blonay, a shuttle is available between Blonay train station and the school. Chantemerle provides a full service to families: supervised studies, meals and all sports, artistic and cultural activities at no extra charge.

A personalized family environment

The boarding school is organized in order to best accompany the students in their personal and academic development. At Chantemerle, the Wegmüller family and staff members reside on the premises near the children. This allows children to be well and safely accommodated under 24/7 supervision by experienced and dedicated educators. Students are housed in pleasant 2, 3 or 4 bedded rooms and are accommodated according to their age, gender and friendship.

The intelligent and rigorous application of simple community values contributes to the smooth running of the school. If there is a problem, a dialogue is initiated with the child and his / her parents to find a solution quickly. A school nurse is permanently present at the school and follows the children in relation to their health.

At Chantemerle, boarders and day students of different ages and nationalities learn to live together in harmony and respect for others. Once they have left Chantemerle, as adults, they will continue their lives with the strong sense of solidarity and friendship that characterizes our school.

Promoting healthy living

In today’s fast paced world, Chantemerle offers a peaceful and well-balanced learning environment where students receive an exceptional education.

During the school year, we educate children about a reasonable use of personal electronic devices (smartphones and tablets). Electronic devices are held by our educators and their use is controlled and permitted at certain time points only. However, maintaining a strong family link with parents is essential and children can be contacted at anytime by phone/skype. Chantemerle provides 2 WIFI spots.

At Chantemerle, students go on weekly nature walks and promenades and spend most of their free time outdoors on the school campus. We feel that walking allows students to assimilate their thoughts, to decelerate and be around nature and silence. We teach our pupils to be attentive to nature and its wonders.

Healthy eating and learning to eat healthy is important at Chantemerle. Our school follows the Fourchette Verte quality label which promotes well balanced meals with particular emphasis on serving fresh fruits and vegetables bought from local farmers. Every Sunday, Chantemerle’s chef bakes our own traditional bread. Chantemerle welcomes you to discuss any specific dietary requirements for your child.

Beautifully located in nature

The school is situated on a vast domain of landscaped nature with a private forest and river overlooking lake Léman and the Swiss alps. The school is exceptionally well located less than 30 minutes from Lausanne and one hour from GenevaSince 1990, Chantemerle has considerably developed and extended its facilities:

  • 10 light and spacious classrooms fully equipped with multimedia facilities
  • 20 charming south facing bedrooms with lake view, each room accommodating 2 to 4 students. About half or our rooms are “en suite”with private bathroom
  • Sports facilities include a tennis and soccer field, two basketball courts, an archery range as well as football and volleyball courts. A dance room and a dojo complement our sport facilities.

Enrichment through sports, arts and culture

Performing arts

Very active since its creation a decade ago, Chantemerle’s school of Performing Arts allows our students to discover and exploit their talents. Main disciplines include

  • Ballroom dancing (salsa, tango, cha-cha) and break dance
  • Theater and improvisation
  • Choir and singing, piano and guitar

Cultural and artistic workshops

Cultural and artistic workshops are offered in the form of group lessons or individual sessions.

  • Painting, creative design
  • Arts & crafts
  • Cooking and chocolate
  • Photography and multimedia

Sports at Chantemerle

At Chantemerle we believe that personal growth and well being, sports and artistic activities are as important as academic success. Every day has its after class activity program in place that is coordinated by professional teachers and educators.

At Chantemerle, during the school year, all students are encouraged to participate to the following four sports:

  • Team sports (rugby, soccer, volleyball, basketball)
  • Martial arts (jiu -jitsu/self defense)
  • Target sports (archery, air shooting)
  • Running & swimming
  • Other sports include Tennis (Vevey), Ski and ice skating, fencing (Vevey), Nunchaku et Jiu-Jitsu (Vevey).

Cultural visits and excursions

Chantemerle likes the Octogon Theater in Pully as well as the Vevey theater.

Cultural visits excursions are planed during the year, on Wednesdays and during weekends: Walks in the mountains, Visits to neighboring cities (Lausanne, Bern, Basel), Visits to museums (Museum of the Alimentarium, Swiss Museum of the Game, Museum Giannada, Fondation Beyeler, Musée de l’art brut), Bex salt mines, Nestlé chocolate factory, Educational and scientific workshops at the University of Lausanne.

Planed excursions and school trips 18/19:

  • October 2018: Rome and Pompeï (I)
  • February 2018: 3 day of ski camp, visit and overnight in Basel. 

Highly experienced and dedicated staff to deliver an outstanding education

Our main goal is to best meet the individual needs of our students and give them the skills and knowledge to fulfill their potential.

Small class sizes and a dedicated team or professional are essential to implement this goal. In the continuity of Ms and Mr Wegmüller educational values, we work as a team, involving parents, teachers and students so that everyone can do their best. Our teachers and educators are selected for their positive attitude and passion for education as well as for their experience and knowledge they pass on to students,