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Chantemerle during Covid-19 (coronavirus)

Since March 2020, Chantemerle has stepped up to the challenges of Covid-19 and the demands of existing parents worried about the safety of their children and the pandemic impact on their continued education. Chantemerle successfully reopened its doors last May, and remained open for the summer camps and the upcoming school year.

We are lucky to have our own in-house nurse and staff to implement efficient protection safety measures and quarantine services. Moreover, being in a contained environment in nature makes it easier for us to create a safer environment for all our students.

International Private School in Switzerland since 1966

Boarding and day school starting at age 6

Personalized family environment

Personalized family environment

Located in the middle of nature in Blonay, close to Montreux and Geneva, Chantemerle school offers a healthy and nurturing environment where students are happy to come to study and grow every day.

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The passion for learning

In small class sizes, surrounded by caring and creative teachers and educators, our students develop autonomy and confidence. They learn to persist in the face of difficulty and to take responsibility for their own learning. 

secondary school

Demanding and attentive teaching

From primary to high school, Chantemerle students acquire the skills and methods to pursue their studies with confidence in any orientation of their choice: apprenticeship, Matura, French or International Baccalaureate

Welcome to Chantemerle school


Founded in 1966 by Mathilde and Jean Wegmüller, Chantemerle is a private boarding school located in Blonay (Vaud). Chantemerle welcomes Swiss and international students starting at ages 6 for school year programs, study abroad programs and educational summer or winter camps. With a maximum capacity of 65 boarders and day students, our school is renowned for the quality of its teaching and its personalized family atmosphere. Beautifully located in the heart of nature, close to Geneva, Montreux and Lausanne, Chantemerle offers a healthy, safe and structured learning environment.

Our purpose is to help every student to reach their potential through personal and academic success. Based on tradition and common sense our educational approach aims at transmitting strong values, a taste for effort and the passion for learning in a rigorous and caring environment.

From primary school to high school, Chantemerle students learn the skills and methods necessary to pursue their studies in confidence according to the orientation of their choice: apprenticeship, Matura, French or International Baccalaureate (IB).

In a rapidly changing world, it is important to focus not only on academic knowledge but also on human and practical skills. These skills are an integral part of Chantemerle’s school curriculum and are developed through sports, artistic projects and outdoor activities.

We are aware that choosing the right school for your child is an important decision. Mr. Yann Wegmüller, Program Director (+41 79 393 8767), is available for a first discussion or a visit of Chantemerle.

The Wegmüller family and Chantemerle team (August 2020)

Academic programs 2020/21


Primary school

Progressive and rigorous teaching to lay a solid foundation and prepare for entry to secondary school. In language immersion, students practice German and English intensively in real-life situations with perfectly bilingual teachers. To find out more…

secondary school

Middle school

A cycle in which the pupil receives a general education which aims to develop open-mindedness, creativity, autonomy and solidarity. Adolescents find meaning in their studies and can decide on their future educational path. To find out more…


High school

The student has chosen to continue his or her studies by preparing either for the Swiss Maturity, the French Baccalaureate or the International Baccalaureate (IB). School becomes a life project for motivated students ready to surpass themselves.  To find out more…

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