Boarding school Chantemerle


Boarding school life at Chantemerle, private school in Switzerland

A healthy and structured learning environment for boys & girls starting age 6

Starting in 1966 from a classic concept – home style boarding – the Wegmüller family and their team have strived to maintain a fluid connection between academic success and the personal development of their students. Today, more than 60 boarders and day students of different ages and nationalities live together at Chantemerle in harmony and with respect for others. Once they have left Chantemerle, as young adults, they will continue their lives with the strong sense of solidarity and friendship that characterizes our school.

The decision to attend boarding school: a life project

The decision to attend boarding school at Chantemerle is jointly discussed with students and their parents during the admission interview. The project being specific to each family, the discussion allows us to better understand the student’s needs and the parents’ expectations.

Boarding at Chantemerle is the opportunity to reinforce the educational effort initiated in the family. Teachers and educators lead by example and children understand that small things such as saying good morning, being on time, being kind and respectful are simple and essential values that are useful for life.

The warmth of an extended international family

Boarding students are safely accommodated under 24/7 supervision by experienced and dedicated educators. Students are housed in pleasant 2, 3 or 4 bedded rooms and are accommodated according to their age, gender and friendship. The intelligent and rigorous application of simple community rules contributes to create an extended family atmosphere. When issues arise, a dialogue is initiated with the child and the parents to find a solution quickly. 

Promoting a healthy and well balanced living environment

Beautifully located in nature, overlooking lake Geneva, Chantemerle’s boarding school offers students a healthy and well balanced life in a warm and structured family environment: 

  • The right balance between class hours, after class personal enrichment activities and rest time
  • The permanent presence of a school nurse to follow the children in relation to their health
  • The reasonable and controlled use of personal electronic devices and video games
  • A minimum of 15 minutes per day of reading time for everyone
  • A permanent contact with the family through phone/skype/WIFI devices
  • Weekly nature walks and promenades to allow students to assimilate their thoughts, to decelerate and become more attentive to nature and its wonders.
  • Healthy eating. All meals are varied and prepared onsite from ingredients sourced from local producers. Our school follows the Fourchette Verte quality label which promotes well balanced and varied meals. Every Sunday, Chantemerle’s chef bakes our own traditional bread. Chantemerle welcomes you to discuss any specific dietary requirements for your child.

Flexible boarding solutions adapted to each family situation

Chantemerle offers boarding solutions tailored to the needs and constraints of each family.

Boarding is proposed not only to Chantemerle’s own students but also to high school students preparing for the Swiss maturity or the International Baccalaureate (IB) at the Haut-Lac international school. As permanent or “flexi board resident”, high school students benefit from Chantemerle’s safe, nurturing and healthy learning environment as well as daily support, transport and permanent supervision.

Our residency solutions:

  • 7-day boarding, the students stay at Chantemerle on weekends and during school breaks
  • 5-day boarding, students return home on weekends and during school breaks
  • “Flexi boarding” : temporary and variable boarding support according to family needs
  • Competitive prices (price list 2019-20)