Residential IB and Swiss Maturity diplomas

The Swiss Maturity and the International Baccalaureate (I.B) are the two main high school diploma proposed in Switzerland. Both diploma are well recognized by Swiss universities. The Swiss Maturity allows automatic access to all Swiss and international universities. The IB diploma is more oriented towards US and UK universities. Understanding the differences between Swiss Maturity and IB diploma

Chantemerle offers tailored residency solutions to students preparing for the Swiss maturity or the International Baccalaureate (IB) at one of our nearby partner schools. As permanent or flexi-board resident, students benefit from Chantemerle’s safe, nurturing and healthy learning environment as well as daily support, transport and permanent supervision.

Residential International Baccalaureate (IB) diploma

Founded in 1993, Haut-Lac International School in Saint Légier welcomes 650 students and offers the IB programme.

The IB Diploma is a well-established, comprehensive educational platform that serves students extremely well for their future. The program at the Haut-lac school is intense and rigorous. Students are pushed to do their best, step outside their comfort zone, and grow in ways that will serve them well during their university studies.

Since 2015, these two family-run schools have joined forces to offer tailored residency solutions to Swiss and international students preparing for an IB diploma. The strengths of this new proposition are:

  • The outstanding academic reputation of the Haut-Lac IB diploma
  • The warm and personalised attention offered at Chantemerle
  • The proximity of both schools (5 driving minutes apart with a private shuttle bus)
  • Flexible boarding solutions with competitive, all inclusive fees

Achievements of Haut-Lac class of 2018 in their International Baccalaureate examinations.
For more information about the IB diploma program at Haut-Lac International Bilingual School.

Residential Swiss “Maturite” diploma

The Swiss Maturity diploma (also know as “Maturite” or Matura) is an ambitious and demanding secondary education diploma that opens the doors to all Swiss Universities as well as all universities and colleges abroad, including US colleges and universities. Switzerland has its own excellent, highly ranked state universities. State education in Switzerland is excellent and free.

The Swiss Maturity diploma can be prepared with private or state (public) high schools. Admission to state high schools is very selective and by exam only. Since 2005, Chantemerle successfully prepares students for the admission exams in state high schools. Alternatively, the Swiss maturity can also be prepared in private high schools. Chantemerle works closely with several private high schools near Chantemerle such as Alphalif School in Lausanne.