Valuing learning differences in a spirit of success for all


Private school in Switzerland

Learning for all, from elementary to high school

Between 15 and 20 % of children have learning profiles that are not aligned with the expectations and teaching methodologies prevalent in mainstream education systems; they learn differently.

At Chantemerle, we are convinced that academic difficulties are not inevitable and that the best lever for action is the success for all students, combined with benevolence within a well-defined learning framework.

Our pedagogical approach is based on current scientific and educational knowledge, particularly those related to the functioning of the brain during learning. It aims to consolidate basic knowledge in all disciplines and respects the programs of the French National Education.

Further tools and approaches help improve student achievement in a differentiated environment:

  1. Make the teaching content meaningful and relevant
  2. Reassure the student and build confidence
  3. Implement simple and effective work methods
  4. Respect the learning process of each student
  5. Value progress rather than performance
  6. Personal enrichment through sports, performing arts and culture