Swiss private education from primary school to high school

Learning effectively and taking pleasure from it

Internationally recognized curriculum

Swiss and international curriculum

From primary to high school, Chantemerle follows the French program while meeting the Swiss romand (PER) requirements. Chantemerle prepares for the ECRs and for the admission exams to enter Swiss and International high schools. 

Building strong academic foundations

Building strong foundations

In small classes, in a positive learning environment, our students develop their mathematical and scientific skills while learning to write and read in French. The English and German languages are taught intensively at all levels. 

French immersion

French immersion / study abroad

Chantemerle has more than 50 years of experience in integrating foreign students in a French-speaking program, learning French while validating a full academic year in Switzerland with no interruption in their studies. For more information


Primary school (5-10)
Middle school (11-15)
High school (15+)

Exams and certifications

French national “Brevet”
Admission into Swiss gymnase
Swiss Matura (residency)
IB diploma (residency program)


Day school
Boarding school (5 or 7 days)
Residency (15+)

An effective and structured teaching method

Our primary objective is to bring each student to his or her full potential through personal and academic success. 

Because we believe that success can be learned, we want to transmit to our students a taste for effort and the pleasure of learning in a rigorous and caring environment.

Chantemerle favours a positive and personalized learning method. It is positive because it aims to reassure the student and to value its progress in a climate of trust. It is personalized because it respects the different learning speeds of the students. The difference is also in learning time management, respect for rules and discipline. Our students learn to learn and to be autonomous and organized – fundamental assets for success, especially when away from home.

While respecting the official curricula, our teaching allows us to acquire the basic knowledge and working methods to study with pleasure, efficiency and autonomy. The effectiveness of our approach is validated by the excellent results we obtain each year at the national and cantonal exams, as well as at admission to Swiss and international high schools.

Academic programs

Primary school (ages 6-10)

Primary school (ages 6-10)

A bilingual French/English program to build the foundations for further education and lifelong learning. English and German language certifications (Cambridge/Goethe)

Middle school (ages 11-15)

Middle school (ages 11-15)

A French-speaking program that prepares for the French National Brevet and for the admission exams in Swiss & international high schools. English and German certifications (Cambridge/Goethe)

High school 15+

High school 15+

In collaboration with partner high schools and gymnases, high school students prepare for the Swiss maturita (public or private) or for the IB diploma. For more information..