Chantemerle secondary school

Swiss private education from primary school to high school

Creating a passion for learning

Internationally recognized curriculum

Swiss and international 

From primary to high school, Chantemerle proposes an all French and a bilingual French/English curriculum preparing for  either the Swiss Matura or the IB diploma. 

Building strong academic foundations

Building strong foundations

In small classes, in a positive learning environment, our students build the essential skills and methods to succeed in high school and college. 

French immersion

Study abroad experience

Chantemerle welcomes students for short and long term immersion in French or English/French. Students can validate a full academic year with no interruption in their studies. 


Primary school (5-10)
Middle school (11-15)
High school (15+)

Exams and certifications

Admission into public system
Swiss Matura
IB diploma


Day school
Boarding school (5 or 7 days)
Residency (15+)

An effective and structured teaching method

From primary to high school, Chantemerle offers an internationally recognized program that prepares for the Swiss Matura, the French baccalaureate and the International Baccalaureate (IB) diploma.

Our key strengths  :

  • An official program that builds a solid academic foundation and teach effective learning methods
  • A positive and structured learning environment that encourages autonomy and rewards progress
  • Smaller class sizes allowing to interact with students on a more individual basis
  • Dedicated teachers trained to make students active participants in their learning process

The effectiveness of our approach is validated by the excellent results obtained year after year at the national and cantonal exams.

Academic programs

Primary school (ages 6-10)

Primary school (ages 6-10)

A French-speaking program to build the foundations for further education and lifelong learning. Intensive English and German in immersion from the very first years. 

Middle school (ages 11-15)

Middle school (ages 11-15)

A French-speaking program that prepares for the French National Brevet and for the admission exams in Swiss & international high schools. English and German certifications. 

High school 15+

High school 15+

High school students prepare for the French-speaking Swiss Matura (public or private) as well as for the bilingual International Baccalaureate (IB) diploma. For more information..